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RomeoRomeo JulietJuliet - up to 20 dates in one night, can you handle it?

Some Dating Tips & Ideas Before Attending

If there is one thing in particular I would emphasise to everyone before coming to the event, it would be to not take it all too seriously and try to have fun.
Remember that everyone that is at the event, is there for the same reason as you and that is to meet new people, build a new friend base or perhaps find that one person that you have been looking for. Dont forget that if you dont find THE ONE at the event, he/she may be a friend of somebody at the event so keep networking and building your friend base.

Here are some good tips and guidelines that might be worth a read before coming:

1. Dress casual but smart. Theres no dress code but do dress to impress. Just wear clothes that you feel comfortable in so that how you look isnt your main focus for the evening.

2. Have a think about what you would like to talk to people about before you come. You will be having possibly 20 dates, each last 3-4 minutes, so theres a lot of talking involved. Most of the time, you will have no problems keeping conversation flowing but have a few back up questions in your head incase you need them.

3. Try to keep the conversations positive and upbeat, nobody likes a pessimist or whiner, especially when you only have a few minutes to get to know somebody. Talk about future plans, travel experiences, favourite movies, shops you like, favourite animals, employment dreams (dont get too technical though, the last thing somebody wants to hear about is the finer details of plasma protein fraction) etc. :)

4. Talk to as many people as possible, this event is giving you the options to speak to like minded individuals so dont waste it by sitting in the corner. Get up and just approach everyone, make it a mission to talk to everybody at the event, even if its only a slight introduction. Doing this will definitely help you improve your confidence with approaching people and making conversation and friends. If you need any help at all though throughout the night, feel free to ask me (Anthony) and I will help you what best way I can.

5. Make the other person feel at ease, they are probably feeling the same as you. The way to do this is simple...just smile...relax...and enjoy your evening. People will feel your energy and it will make them at ease also. Try not be be anxious and uneasy, if at all possible, stay away from nail biting, finger tapping etc. Stick with positive and approachable body language.

6. Focus on your date. This is one of the most important dating tips. Focus the conversation on learning more about the person you’re talking to than on advertising yourself. Everyone enjoys talking about things they’re passionate about. Find out what the person’s passion is, and ask questions that will draw them out.

7. Keep in touch! After the event, I will be emailing you a list of your matches and also your friends. You can then email the people that you liked as friends or something more, I will let you know which matches are which. Dont pester the people if you do mail though and dont get an immediate answer, and if you do decide to meet, take the usual safety precautions, meet in public and make sure somebody knows where you are going!

If you have any questions at all before or after the event, please feel free to contact me via email, facebook, or phone. Im here to help you make the most out of your gay Speed Dating experience with RomeoRomeo / JulietJuliet.
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